Gangs Undead

What i’ve realised throughout BCM300 is the importance and impact of theme. A theme can push and create and entire world for the players, immersing them in an experience away from the ordinary and into the purity of board game play.

So my theme, Gangs Undead. I know i wanted to combine as many interesting, cool and dystopian type elements into my board game as possible. Much alike our group game, i am pushing the aesthetic as the central driver of the game, but without an over-reliance on the theme avoiding it becoming the only interesting quality.

My Theme

Enter a cityscape-dystopia split into four factions. The four factions have developed and evolved completely seperate from each other with no outside influence. The four factions have become, a Day of the Dead Mexico, a 1920’s industrial England, A futuristic Neo-Tokyo and a 5th century Middle Ages. In the centre of the dystopia is The Tower, a central intelligence that has now taken over almost all of each factions area. To keep their influence, the Necromancers in control of The Tower beset

In a calculated response, each factions leaders have taken a stand and it has become their mission to push back by whatever means necessary, taking back control of their faction with the support of their people, in a race to dominate their faction and take control of The Tower. Control The Tower, you control the world.

Each of the factions have undergone revolution and change gaining them new powers, sight and a new found courage to push back against their oppressors.


Mexico (Day of the Dead) – Skeletons

  • Aztec-esque
  • Tribal, nature etc.
  • Celebratory
  • Respect of family/ancestors
  • Historical

Respecting their ancestors, the Mexican city are a celebratory faction that hold tradition and family above all else. When The Tower enforced themselves and their alien ways onto the Mexicans they decided they would ask the dead for guidance on how to respond. Through the power of the day of the dead and aztec ceremony, the people of their faction began the transformation into their skeletal forms imbued with the knowledge, courage and power of their ancestors and the all that came before.

Day of the Dead Mexico City

1920’s England (Peaky Blinders) – Zombies

  • Gangstas
  • Family-oriented
  • Money driven
  • Control
  • Industrial revolution

Not accustomed to a hierarchy working to someone else’s benefit, the Peaky Blinders assure a continuous flow of wealth and fear within their faction. With the industrial revolution in swing, the gang subjected to fumes poisoned by The Tower took on the brunt of its effect, resulting in their now un-killable and unresting hunger as the undead and the same in regards to power, ten fold.

Image result for peaky blinders city

Neo-Tokyo (Akira/Ghost in a Shell) – Vampires

  • Yakuza
  • Crime lords
  • Mafia
  • Control of politics
  • Self-interest priority
  • Futuristic/automation and robotics

The Japanese mafia the Yakuza, living in a futuristic Tokyo are hungry for power, money and control. With the new precedent and being surrounded by progressing robotics, the Yakuza selected to have implanted mutated DNA transforming them into Vampires, thriving in the shadows.

Image result for akira city

Medieval (Game of Thrones) – Werewolves

  • Knights, kings, queens etc.
  • Castles, loyalty and respect

The original home of the Necromancers now in control of The Tower is steadfast. The king sitting on the castles thrown has the power of his knights and the loyalty of his people. The king and his hands hearing wind of the Necromancers plot to takeover, decided to stage a coup to end the Necromancers lives but instead found themselves overwhelmed and barely surviving as the Necromancers made their escape. In the coup, the kings men managed to steal some of the Necromancers tainted magic and used it on their people giving them the power to transform into werewolves with the savageness and strength to match. The king will again attempt to restore his place on the thrown, over all of the factions.

Image result for game of thrones city


As Chris pointed out and to my great realisation and benefit, the most appropriate way to structure my game is to go along the ‘area control’ route. This will best support my theme in regards to the dystopian cityscape i am aiming to create. Using a physical board splitting it into four sections with ‘The Tower’ centred. I will aim to create an easily digestible layout with sections clear and area control squares recognisable.

Area control being the goal of each faction, each square is to be purchased through a universal resource and the players will be able to trade, collate and use the resources in a variety of ways along with square control. Status and war cards are used to increase strategy and tactics throughout the game and stronger mechanics and strength of The Tower to take back control will increase as the game progresses. Players will begin in opposite corners to their faction giving a level of added complexity from the get go to challenge players to work through and work towards the goal of controlling their faction before the rest.


I am thinking the resource, running with theme as afore-stated to be a variety of items under the blanket of ‘Voodoo’. The Voodoo will be used to purchase squares and can also be used to purchase status cards and war cards.

Status Cards

Status cards can be used in a variety of ways. Dependant on the card they can be used to create whole board status affects such as cheaper or more expensive squares or a heightened stress from The Tower and its effects. These status cards can also be used to affect single factions, whether it be your choice to affect yours or someone else’s faction. All status cards are purchased using Voodoo and vary permanency.

War Cards

Purchased using Voodoo, these cards are used by the player to war against another faction for area control or defence. War cards only last the players turn and are unavoidable if chosen.


I will be working with a pretty large scale board – comparable to monopoly in size. I will be using high quality pieces with poker chip type tokens as resources with pictures on each (illustrations in development). There will be leader cards for each player, unique to each faction. There will also be status cards and war cards, these will be placed on the board in their specified places.


  • Europe in Turmoil: Prelude to the Great War
  • Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection



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